Dial A Sermon

Our innovative Dial A Sermon program is a fantastic way to keep your followers connected at all times during our current health crisis as well as in the future. With prices starting at only £30 a month, this is a fantastic option for religious leaders all over the nation.

Allow Everyone to Stay Connected

While this product was initially developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous clients have already given us fantastic feedback and said that they’re going to continue using it. You can read through some of the testimonials that happy customers have left us right here on our website. We’re confident that seeing these genuine comments will give you all of the confidence you needed for setting up our system.

Our aim here at Crystal Clear Telecom is to keep things simple. This approach is embedded in our work culture and extends to every single one of our services, including Dial A Sermon. What we want to do is ensure that the way you run your place of worship is significantly improved by coming over to our service.

Connecting with your followers is obviously the single most important thing for you, so CCT wants to give you advice on the best possible way to achieve this, regardless of the congregation’s size. Our technologically advanced solutions, fast installation process, and unbeatable customer service skills mean that you can keep connected to all of your followers during these trying times as well as in the future.


Speak with a member of our team about any of our services and we will be happy to help on 01202 941040

Keep Connected

Religion is an important part of life and staying connected is more important than ever before during a global pandemic such as the one we’ve recently gone through. With Dial A Sermon, you can make sure that vulnerable groups of people, such as the elderly, or followers without advanced computers can still partake in a religious service. This can be done once a week, or more, depending on your unique schedule and requirements.

Let CCT Help You

Here at Crystal Clear Telecom, we offer our service with no separate setup fee. Our packages are all-inclusive and include all of the training that you’ll need to operate the system with no problems on an ongoing basis. Not only that, you will have access to 24/7 support.

Tried and Tested Solutions

We are already working closely with more than 50 places of worship across the UK. You will be able to add more churches to the service for only £10 with all of the contracts being on a rolling basis. Should you need to amend anything, we are always here to help and ensure that you get exactly what you want from Crystal Clear Telecom.

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